EH context may sleep. See Problem with non-ThinkPad hard disks. Evidence of the Bug https: Originally Posted by Keruskerfuerst. Start and then freeze ports of host. Run through the string, and output each 8-bit chunk linearly, regardless of platform. Can’t remember specific instances.

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Note that the device might have been reset more than once using different reset methods before postreset is invoked. You certainly don’t want a kernel driver for your failed ata chip.

libATA Developer’s Guide

Defined by the SCSI layer. Refer to Laptop-mode if you are interested into spinning down your HD. A psu can cause erratic problems if voltages are going out of spec at random times; it tends to show up most on bootup when the psu is under heavy load.

Negative errno libbata SCR registers are inaccessible. As upper layer only knows the queue depth, we are responsible for maintaining exclusion. Indicate to the mid and upper layers that an ATA command should be retried.


libata (SATA) driver update

This book contains many real life examples derived from the author’s experience as a Linux system and network administrator, trainer and consultant.

The sooner of the two is used. SATA link up 1. Failure from prereset makes libata abort whole reset sequence and give up that port, so prereset should be best-effort. Acquire EH ownership for ap.

Tested with patched kernels 2.

Different controllers may have different requirements. Report to upper layer. By default sat performs drive and controller tuning in accordance with the ATA timing rules and also applies blacklists and cable limits.

Originally Posted by Keruskerfuerst. Help answer threads with 0 replies.

Determine timeout for internal command cmd for dev. Things have wata well with that setup for a long time 1 – 2 yearsbut could the problem from the mainboard have encroached to the point where it is affecting the PCI-e ports or the SATA controller card? If so what is it? I searched the subject but didn’t find a clear answer.

Create and initialize slave link for ap. Having multiple code paths to gather information, enter EH and trigger actions makes life painful. But that would require both the old drive and my recently purchased new drive to be defective.


Certain ones are known to use cheap components leading to erratic problems over time. Some satx are needed here.

Start and then freeze ports of host.

How to fix Grub rescue – “exception Emask” error? Return -1 if no iordy mode is available.

This function is responsible for applying all known limits including host controller limits, device blacklist, etc If a command was available, fill in the SCSI-specific portions of the structure with information on the current command. Thank you for your time. Ops tables are finalized when saga host is started. With cdrecord on debian etch, burnfree seems not work, disable it. Used by various controllers for chip configuration.