It is an odd name but an amazing program and she will learn very fast and enjoy it a lot. Hi Everyone that I read about is into drawing and illustrating. Also do alot of powerpoints. It seems that those apps have no support for pen pressure and tilt controls, so your main decision factor is resolution. Both will give you roughly the same accuracy, while having difference work area sizes.

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In my opinion, the price difference is well worth it. Hope you manage to get a pen tablet soon. Stackexchange was really helpful: Do you cgh if both products are compatible with SolidWorks or other Designer programmes? Those Wacom tablets do not wear fast and last for many years, so you can find an used one in good shape.

I’ll be using the tablet for drawing sprites for a 2d video game.

Wacom INTUOS CTH Manuals

I hope this helps! The Fun model seems to have a pressure sensitive eraser, but I’m not sure about the Create. And thanks for the suggestions Do you think this is a good idea? Their recently revamped tablet line, the MobileStudio Pro, is a very well reviewed device that bridges the gaps between mobile devices intuoa traditional pen input.

I”d suggest you to buy a Bamboo Capture model, which is the cheapest one that has inruos input in addition to the pen.


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For general work, a pen tablet is a better bet. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. I’ve returned to report that I currently have in my possession a Bamboo Comic a Japanese Bamboo Create that comes with software for manga and stuff like that. We really like the multi-touch feature, which makes 860 possible to use the tablet as a large trackpad.

Full Review: Wacom Intuos Pen and Touch Tablet

If I still decide to buy the Small instead of the Medium, is the Small version compatible with the same programmes as the Medium version? I have a 27inch Mac display.

If you plan to do more xth work, like simulating natural media, the higher resolution tablet would have a clear advantage. Intuos4 Small costs the same as Create.

That was something that worried me as I would have to go inruos the Intuos4 if it is really much more accurate from pen nib to cursor compared to the Bamboo.

I mean of course it depends how it has been stored, but maybe its not so big difference between them? I’ve read the majority of the comments and just when I think someone has asked the question I want answers to, I don’t quite get the answers. The advice you posted here especially the one on matching the monitor with tablet size was right ctb.

Keep us posted on what model have you bought and your experiences with it. The only caveat, though, is that 3D modeling programs rely a lot on the mouse wheel to navigate and your boyfriend may miss that. For example, a four-finger swipe down could invoke a particular shortcut in After Effects.


You can also try eBay. If you have the budget, in my opinion, the extra size alone makes the Bamboo Create 608 the difference, specially for higher resolution displays like yours. I’ve been making some designs in illustrator and photoshop about 1 month ago, and I wish to take it as profession in the future.

Do you think pro model is really worth the extra money? Pressure sensitivity is also ignored in those programs, neglecting one of the tablet’s main features. I’m not proficient in CAD and my work background is in design and photography.

Wacom Intuos Pen & Touch Medium – digitizer – USB – black, silver

Have a great day! My nibs last for ages. I’ve tried another teachers Bamboo Create, but am not sure if I should buy the create or a Intuos 5 which I found for a great deal.