I own no rights to the song used. Masaaki Cristina Vee’s fandub is so good! Instagram Follow us via Cristina Valenzuela, known by her stage name Cristina.. Let us know your feedback so we can evolve and improve. I thought it was fitting to wear the North High uniform in this video. But yeah, I like this song.

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Kuyou Suou 3 years ago. Add to My Playlist Watch Later.

CrisVee – Super Driver. Find this Pin and more on. The video was done in movie maker.

Aya Hirano – Super Driver. Ability Phoenix joins me yet again to belt some insane harmonies! This is an unofficial project made purely for fun by fans, for fans. But yeah, I like this song.

I do not claim ownership over this copyrighted material. It’s set to scenes from the first 8 episodes that don’t quite mesh supet with the lyrics. Make my profile public at. Hiya Ladies and Gents!


Somehow I can see your silhouette in the dark Coming closer to me. Louis courtney woltemath famous hot dog carts thien than toi loi lyrics in paradise larte dellottocento palombi super not the 9 oclock news youtube videos don gg.

My most rewatched anime right next to fullmetal alchemist brotherhood and season 1 of Tokyo ghoul and highschool dxd. Home Popular Right Now Subscriptions. I know she has crisee link in the description but idk how to download it and i desperately want it!

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya ENDING 2 Tomare! ENGLISH season 2 ending

Remember your video choices. Choochoo Dino 4 years ago. This has been a busy week! February 22, Retrieved July 13, Jump up.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya ENDING 2 Tomare! ENGLISH season 2 ending

Cristina Vee; Video release date: Want to watch more videos for this song? GoldRush07 4 years ago. I’m really happy with the outcome crisfee I really hope you will look forward to the entire Anime love Hardcore CD coming out later this year! Anonoymous User 3 years ago.


I hope you guys enjoy it cisvee well! Since he loves this anime and song so much I decided to cover it for his birthday this year. This is a fandub of me recording the latest Japanese anime song – Super Driver. An unexpected error has been encountered. This is redux of an old fansong I made a few years ago when I was just starting as crivee amateur VA. Haruhi Suzumiya Super Driver English. P and trust me. Thanks for the amazing response!

So I was on youtube looking at Cristina Vee songs, with lyrics on them, and I came across a video. Then I over the years remembered a few of their songs but not the lyrics just the sound.