I cannot say that about some of the main distros I use. Synaptic – a popular graphical package management tool for not only Debian-based distributions. I still think that Gentoo is an excellent distribution and a truly original project in the sea of copycats, but I just don’t see how the current management can ever bring back the excitement that was Gentoo Linux 4 – 5 years ago. I only had to configure my wep security settings. I hope you can see the differences between them after reading this. Mandrake’s build system was crap. If we had waited to resolve these problems before releasing Alpha 1 it would have come out only a few days before Alpha 2, not allowing enough time for much real testing.

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About the package managers i have one question: These tools all provide dependency resolution and may provide some more advanced functions.

: Put the fun back into computing. Use Linux, BSD.

Yes, you can use pacman or whatever but why still needing a console? As a guest, you can browse and view the various discussions in the forums, but can not create a new topic or reply to an existing one unless you are logged in.

Up pops the download window, here we go. That boat sailed a long time ago” But it never wrecked It actually consists of a number of different utilities to perform various functions: Mandriva really impressed me on my Thinkpad laptop.


Smart and YUM, among others, are being developed to read several types of repositories. They should have been based on “testing”, like Parsix is doing, for instance.

So what are my options? Too many systems are missing and what about comparing features?

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The usual way used by Are slight inaccuracies in chronology such bad? It is a good KDE distro, but they chose the wrong branch of Debian By the time I’d put on a Firewall manadatory really and anti-Vir also pretty much mandatory and the registry had started to get itself a bit more bunged up – as it always backtraco, it began to slooow right down. Touching on that, I’ll agree with Dbrion, much of the infromation found in DWW itself has been just like the majority of new realeases, ho-hum.

But with a large number of distributions and philosophies, which is the best tool on wuusb300n market? Your desktop will look very different from most peoples’ these days, but it will run well on your hardware.


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No other linux distro ever did that on this machine. To this day, it seems I compare all the lightweight distros with W98, and they all have left something to be desired in my experience. Whatever, sounds like a much better system now.


Backktrack guy is trying to get away from Windows. More on that later. I do not use VBOX or anything like that other than to view new distributions because I found that no matter how good a VM type of system is I am familiar with Mainframe VM also it cannot cover some hardware idiosyncracys. All Debian derivatives use APT by default.

Building an operating system is a great way to understand IT deeply because you’re on your own to solve the problems when things don’t work as expected. If you look at the actual product that resulted from merging Mandrake Linux and Conectiva, it’s clearly a wuzb300n more Mandrake than it is Conectiva. It may be an ‘unwise’ choice, but not “wrong”. With an hour or so, I installed great looking themes and icons and background and it wusb00n looks a lot better than anything you get with Win Started by heavyboyJul 23 This has given rise to new package management tools like YUM, urpmi, YaST, up2date and apt-rpm nacktrack offer dependency resolution and more advanced features while leaving the lower level routines to RPM.

It has a Ralink chipset and is very cheap Down Under: