You can test your newly installed drivers and get the performance benchmarks for your graphics card using the commands below. Any suggestions or donations of clue greatly appreciated. Did you find a solution? Ive got F12 atm, and Im having the same problem as taf2. The Don Quijote-fight continues…. I wanna have a working Compiz desktop: This worked great, except I had to add radeon to the blacklist before I ran the atixxxx.

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Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Needless to say, I had not expected a miracle with the Catalyst drivers… Unfortunately it still sucks, there is no improvement. To start, here is the lspci output in relation to my card: Average Sisplay in glxgears of without any tweaks to my xorg file at all.

ATI Linux Users Get Excited For Catalyst – Phoronix

proprietaty As an FYI — If the dkms package is installed, the Catalyst installation seems to use it and the install log file is cleaner. September 19th, 4. Here’s what I did.

Hi guys, yesterday I tested the new Join Date Sep Beans It gives linkx following error: Go to the very botton of the file; you’ll see Code:. In case you messup things somewhere, you can uninstall the fglrx drivers using the following command. Kernel module build environment not found — please consult readme. I am sure there is just a line that needs to be modified to start vesa, but dont know where too look.

  ML350 G5 NC373I DRIVER

This mailing list post seems to propriteary a reason why, but doesn’t provide fix. Geez, how I wish I never bought Ati.

ATI Catalyst™ Proprietary Display Driver – linux

If you have 2. I came here looking for some tweaks to see if I could improve on the rendering speed of my hd but looking at the numbers posted here it seems I am doing not so bad after all: Make sure, you have one of the previous kernels installed Reboot didn’t work for me without it Uninstall all fglrx related packages fglrx throws an error, ignore this Reboot again, it didn’t work for me without it XOrg should know complain about missing driver and allow you to start with failsettings for this session Install the all fglrx packages again reinstall fglrx package Reboot and see if it works I hope I didn’t forget a step.

Proprietaary 22nd, 8. I run two monitors on this graphics card which I was able to configure using the Catalyst Control Center.

ATI Catalyst™ Proprietary Display Driver – linux – Blackpool Linux

You may see lines like this at the end of file. And since ATi have just released Catalyst Huge thanks to Richard Lloyd and mxyzptlk for pointing this out.


Xinerama works just fine as does Cairo-dock but no acceleration! When exactly does X initialize in the bootup process? If you can’t wait, try changing the download server in Software sources to the main server.

I have installed ATI Catalyst Before proceeding any proprieetary, i wanted to confirm if the steps are valid for Fedora 13 and driver version Maybe it’s relative save to install the linux-image and linux-heades generic packages again which will reinstall the latest kernel update again, if you don’t try to alter the fglrx packages again.

Chances are some kernel developer will start yelling at me for doing this, but oh well. Let me ask this: I ctrl-alt F2 and log into root, and try to xstart to see what error I am getting and it is stating that there is no monitor found.

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Thanks for the guide! If the drivers are supposedly designed for the new X server, what the heck version Xorg 7,4 did ATI use? F12 with drivers.