Turn your modem on. You will be prompted for a password to login. Note that a wireless USB adapter supporting Mbps is necessary on the receiver side to provide wireless communication at Mbps. Try channels 1, 11 and Make sure all cabling is done properly before turning the power on. NAT allows multiple users in your local network to access the Internet through a single public IP address the global or legal IP address assigned to you by your Internet service provider. You have to enter the same key for all devices within the wireless network.

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You will be presented with wireless security choices. SPI monitors the protocol and packet addresses being received to determine if the information should be passed through the firewall to the connected computers.

If you are not connected to the Internet even though the lights are green, contact your ADSL service provider. A key with more digits is more secure. How to connect the cables is also explained in detail by the animated instructions that automatically start when you insert the Easy Setup CD into the CD drive of your PC.

In this manner, wireless coverage area can be expanded significantly. You can contact AirTies Technical Support at any time tr-102 with adsk problems or questions related to your AirTies product. RT Special Applications 7. For a single IP address, enter the same value in the two boxes that define the range.


After the hardware setup is complete, turn the RT on and wait about 30 seconds for the rt-012 to initialize.

Air Ties RT-102 ADSL 2+ Combo Modem

This will launch the web interface of your AirTies RT modem. Do not turn the device on or off. AirTies Mesh Networks Technology that makes use of this WDS feature resolves problems such as loss of wireless signal or limited coverage area, often encountered in multiple-story or reinforced concrete buildings. The download and upload totals are for all Internet traffic that goes through the RT A sequence of animated instructions will guide you through the cabling of your RT modem.

By using the Web User Interface Both methods are described in the following sections. Do not plug or unplug the power cord.

If Port Forwarding is defined for that port, the incoming traffic is redirected to a machine inside the local network that has only a local IP address. RT and all repeaters should use modfm same wireless communication channel for instance channel 6.

Contact your service provider to verify your user name and password. Data packets sent from ajrties Internet to your global IP address arrive at a certain port of your modem. Ranges of up to meters outdoors and meters indoors standard. There are no user serviceable components inside.


Plug the power adapter provided into the V wall outlet and the other end of the power cord to the RT modem. Signals modwm wireless terminals reach the closest access point automatically, and then reach the RT modem via the access points in between. Try channels 1, 11 and If the problem is channel interference, one of these channels will solve your problem. Make sure the splitter connections are made correctly.


If one of the devices in your wireless network does not support WPA, it is recommended that you choose WEP encryption. To restrict access for all devices in an IP address range, enter the beginning and ending IP addresses e.

It is possible to enter the MAC or IP addresses individually or choose them from the list of client devices in the local network.

For detailed information about how to setup Please read this manual carefully before beginning the installation process.

You will have to reset the AirTies RT to its original factory settings. Reset To reset the custom configuration of your modem and return to factory settings. WDSMesh Technology simplifies setup of airtoes or completely wireless networks. The same channel should be selected on all devices in the wireless network.